Sunday, September 11, 2005

a scene from a lazy Sunday afternoon...

just like Sundays should be...

Luca has a best friend

This is Ethan. Although they've never met in person, Luca and Ethan correspond through their mothers and have decided that they are, indeed, best friends.

Ethan lives in Portland, Oregon with his mom and dad - just a plane ride away. The boys are looking forward to meeting each other in person this coming March.

Luca and Karen...

...hanging out at Sidewinder earlier this week.

a lick o' spit

check out the drool that's in mid-drip from his chin

Saturday, September 10, 2005

a day with thomas and friends

We hung out with our friend Jack today. He's three and JUST became an older brother last night. Knowing that this new role would soon be his, Jack has been honing his big brother skills on Luca for the past four months. And, now that it's all official with the birth of his new baby brother Luke (pics soon to come!) - we decided to celebrate. Thomas the Tank Engine and his pals were in town, so - Luca, Jack, Debbie and I went to see what it was all about...

the Bush Vacation

I just checked my email and four people sent this to me today. It's a Photoshop classic and I felt the need to share...


Friday, September 09, 2005


Today is our fifth anniversary. Five years ago today, we stood in my dad's backyard, in front of one-hundred and twelve people and made a committment to each other. Fast-forward five years later and this is what we did today...

Of course, it's hard to start ANY day without a trip to Sidewinder.

Luca had his usual iced coffee while he read a bit of the Cinicinnati Enquirer.

Once he was all juiced up, he donned his cap and hopped into his car seat - ready to take on his latest adventure...

Luca slept most of the way to our destination - Yellow Springs, Ohio...

...but was awake and ready to eat once we arrived.

Then he got into the sling to do a little sightseeing and walk around town - but it didn't take long before he was napping again.

He did wake up in time to hang out with our friend Meredith who ate dinner with us at the Sunrise Cafe.

But, it came as no surprise when he decided to take an after-dinner snooze.

By the time we got to our next destination - Young's Jersey Diary Farm -

not only was he awake...

...but, he was driving one of their tractors...


Okay, Debbie was helping - but, just a little.

Next stop on the farm tour - the goats.

(don't worry, we washed his hands!)

Finally, it was time for the fun to wind down and head on home.

All in all - it was a great fifth anniversary.

Monday, September 05, 2005