Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Luca Has 4 Cousins

Recently, Luca spent some quality time with his older cousins, who drove all the way from St. Louis to Cincinnati for a visit.

His Aunt Sally and Uncle Joey visited, too.

Willa is Luca's oldest cousin. She is an expert baby-sitter, social activist and all-around stylin' big cousin who just started her first year at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Luca hopes to see much more of her when he and his 2 moms move to New York in October.

Nathanial is the second oldest and, so far, Luca's only boy cousin.

Nate spent lots of time holding Luca and telling him boy cousin secrets.

I'm pretty sure some of the information that passed included tips on wrestling at the competition level, how to watch as many DVDs on your computer as humanly possible in one day and how to become the Master family's all-time Master Boggle champion.

And then - there's his big cousin... Emma.

Hopefully, Luca will inherit some of his cousin Emma's wit and humor, along with her uncanny flair for song improvisation, her love of cooking shows and her fabulous ability to just hang out.

And last, but certainly not least - Luca got to visit with his littlest big cousin - Elinor. Formerly the youngest in the family - Elinor is already expertly filling her role as an older cousin. Between assisting with diaper and clothing changes, as well as the very important job of being Luca's binky retriever in the car - Elinor found the time to pass on some of her "youngest kid" wisdom to her new little cousin.

the girls. they like him.

Or, at the very least, they're attracted to his scrumptious baby knees.


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Since he has been able to close his fingers around certain objects, Luca often experiences extreme frustration at not being able to put the ENTIRE object into his mouth. In his attempts, he often winds up hitting himself about the face and head with certain toys he has at his disposal. As seen here, his poor giraffe often suffers under this frustration.


Luca is just two days shy of four months.

He loves to be in the "standing"position.

He is not fond of "sitting" practice.

He only poops every three or four days.

Has has two moms.