Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sling Thing

This self-portrait was taken late this afternoon on the Loveland Trail in Loveland, Ohio. We eased into the day with mid-morning naps, a couple of loads of laundry and a pre-trail visit to Sidewinder Cafe. We finally arrived around four o'clock, after all of the serious walkers, runners, bikers and roller bladers had called it a day.

I wore Luca in the sling even though we brought the stroller along. So, as usual, we wound up using his wheels to transport all of his things instead of using it to transport the boy himself.

A sling is great in so many ways - but we especially love it for it's nap-inducing qualities. (Our sling is technically considered a "pouch" and we got ours from the great people at Maya Wrap). A sling and a bit o' the bink will do it every time.

I started "wearing" Luca just a week or two after he was born. It was scary at first - I thought I would hurt him or that he would fall out - but it soon became obvious to me that he was perfectly safe and perfectly comfortable.

Luca loves to be in a moving sling - whether we're on a walking trail or running an errand - as long as we're moving, he's content. (Don't let this picture at six weeks fool you!)

When he's awake, he's right up there to see what we see - listening to and learning from and - more and more - interacting with the same world that we are.

And, when he's tired, feeling close and snug while listening to my heart beat helps him to fall fast asleep. I use it all of the time when we're out and about and it's time for a nap - and it's alot easier than getting him to nap at home!