Sunday, January 08, 2006

Four months later...

It's been over four months since the last post. Lots has happened in those four months. Luca is four months older - now clocking in at eight months and seven days old. He's crawling, babbling and pulling up. I am pretty sure he's starting to wave. He also "sings" when I sing to him in a humming sort of way, or when he is playing his toy piano. He's teething right now (the top two are coming through, eager to join their two counterparts on the bottom) which is making for a bit of a cranky boy. We're also having a bit of a sleep problem, but more on that later. The quick version is that he has stopped "staying asleep" when we put him down in the evenings. For naps, I sleep with him (at 10 and 3) which is fine when I need the sleep, but not fine when I want to get some things done or even just breathe a little. We are not willing to let him cry it out (not yet, anyway) so, for now I am going to start a slow process of trying to get him into the crib at nap time. All in all, though - he's becoming an amazing little boy. Funny and communicative. It's pretty cool to watch him grow.

More later - my mom is here and we are about to play a game of Set (while Debbie naps with the boy).