Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been awhile...again

...about twenty months, actually.

In that time we moved from Westchester County, New York back to Cincinnati, Ohio. After six (too) short months there, Deb was transferred once again to Northeast Florida at the end of August in 2007. This is our second stint in the oldest city in America, having lived here from November 2000 to mid-2003. Despite the summertime heat and humidity, being back here has been wonderful. We are back in the same place with dear friends who are now more like family to us than ever. Luca is a very lucky boy, to have so many wonderful people in his life - and Debbie and I are very grateful for the community we have found here, once again.

As for the boy - he turned three in May and - he continues to be the love of our lives.