Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can do it MYSELF

Last night, because it was taking him so long to get into the car, I used my "alpha" voice on Luca. "GET.INTO.THE.CAR. NOW." I practically growled. He paused, then looked at me with a big smile. "Goddamnit?" He said, in a question. As if to say - isn't that what you really want to say? Nice.

I got bitten by fire ants on Friday night when we were out and about. The little buggers got me good and now my right foot is itchy and swollen. I've been soaking in warm epson salt baths and applying various anti-itch and anti swelling creams to keep it at bay. It drives me crazy at night. So - at three a.m. - I went into the bathroom to get some Benadryl antihistamine cream to stop the itch. This morning - I discovered that I had put butt cream on my foot instead.

We've been encouraging Luca to dress himself. He's got the underwear and pants under control, but we are still working on shirts. He put on his own bottoms this morning, and then some. Two pairs of underwear under his shorts. He continually checked on them throughout the morning while we were at the park - either admiring his work or checking to make sure they were both still there.