Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

We went to a Halloween play date on Monday.

Super heros and royalty played in the sandbox together.

Snacks were had, cries were heard and a good time was had by all.

The morning ended with a tug of war (over a sand box cover) between Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

Luca and Grace had a second play date early that afternoon. The conversation on the car ride to our house went something like this...

Luca: Sharing is good. It's nice to share.
Grace: I'm a good sharer. I'll share my Blankey with you.
Luca: OK!

Grace: Milk makes you grow. Juice doesn't make you grow.
Luca: Water makes you grow, too.
Grace: Yeah!

Grace: I like princesses. I got a princess movie from the movie store. You can watch it when you come to my house.
Luca: Okay!

By the time lunch was on the table, the conversation had deteriorated to this..

Luca: Poopie!
Grace: Pee!

Luca: Stinky diaper!!!!
Grace: Boobie!!!

Post-lunch and post-potty talk saw Bubbles...

Porch Swinging...

And a transformation into a King and a Queen...

(I had to bribe them with the promise of a cookie to get them to both look at the camera at the same time).

Play dates between three-year olds are hard sometimes - fraught with sharing issues, tattling and the occasional physical offense. But, Monday's play date was almost seamless. It seems, as they get older, their play time together has less conflict and more extended moments of sharing and fun.

I am crossing my fingers for four.


bleu said...

SUCH cute pics. Where did you get his blue with white striped pants???

dana said...

The blue with white striped pants came from the Gymboree clearance rack. The striped ones in the post with Luca and his cousin Max (on both of them) are from Mini Boden a couple of years ago. Ebay has lots of Boden for kids.

paintandink said...

That lunchtime convo? Priceless.

It's good to have friends with the same sense of humor.