Thursday, October 16, 2008

Parent Night

Tonight was Parent Night at the Montessori school - from six to seven p.m. I miraculously got Luca to nap for about an hour before a quick dinner, but - having woken him up in the middle of REM sleep - he was teetering on the edge of insanity. Unfortunately, I joined him on that edge - but we both managed to recover and made it out the door as soon as Debbie got home (from a three-day business trip).

When we arrived, the small classroom was abuzz with parents and children, so Luca needed a few minutes to adjust to the change of scene in what is usually a pretty calm space. He finally fell into the swing of things and - before long - he started showing us some of the "work" he does on Thursdays and Fridays.

After about a half hour of individual work, they all got on their line and their teacher led them in singing a few songs. I totally teared up looking at them - so attentive in their circle - and listening to their sweet little voices. It is true that I am a dork - but I blame the tears on the hormones.

After their singing, we all went outside. The kids ran around, the parents talked and we all gotten bitten by mosquitos. Ah, fall in Florida.

Since Luca is generally not very forthcoming with a daily report after school - it was nice for us to see some of what goes on there after I drop him off. It was amazing to watch all of them - so careful with their work, so precise in their actions and so adept at neatly putting things away when they were done. I also learned that our child can fold!

I think it's time I got someone else involved in doing the laundry.