Thursday, October 16, 2008

Primo and Segundo

Just back from an ultrasound. The baby is measuring in the 58th percentile - much bigger than his big brother at this stage and a very decent size for a (sort of?) twin. They estimate him at three pounds, one ounce. He's measuring about a week bigger than his gestational age. Well within the average range, they assured me - but, I was surprised. Got my glucose tolerance results back, too. Normal - despite all the milkshakes. My iron was low, though - so they put me on a supplement. I had plenty of iron during my pregnancy with Luca, as I craved STEAK. Lots of it. (The first I had had in years). But, not so much this time around.

Tonight is our first Parent Night at school. The kids will be demonstrating some of their favorite lessons and we will learn a bit about what goes on throughout their day. Luca is generally pretty tired after school, so I am worried he will be full-on cranky by the time we go at six o'clock. Update to follow...


bleu said...

YAY for a great u/s!!!