Friday, October 10, 2008

Since last week...

The last week is kind of a blur. I went to Philadelphia to see my grandmother, who is ninety-three years old and not doing too well. Given a diagnosis of "failure to thrive", she recently entered a nursing home facility where she will receive hospice care. I wanted to get up there before I am too pregnant to travel and I'll try to make it up again one more time in the next month. I worry a lot about the fact that I may not be able to get home to Philly when she gets worse - or once the inevitable happens - but I am trying to stay in the moment.

Luca and Debbie had a full weekend while I was gone, but no pics to show for it. And, I have been lazy with the camera this week. We did have a few minutes of play time before school yesterday and Luca was very happy to use that time to try out his new pirate garb from Nova Natural.

We had even more time this morning, due to the fact that Debbie agreed to go in a little late so that we could all have French Toast together. He used the time to play with the balloon he was given at a diner last night.

Then I spent the remaining few minutes wrestling him to the ground in an attempt to get a shot of us together.

The play time before school idea really worked for us this week. It puts us both in a better mood and it makes the transition from home to school much easier. It takes a bit of effort because he is the Slowest. Eater. Ever. And, on most days, breakfast is painfully long and drawn out. I like that we can give him the freedom to eat breakfast at this own pace most of the week, but on school days - that's just not possible. So, in order not to feel like a drill sergeant, I am trying to get him up a little earlier on Thursdays and Fridays. I am also trying to get up earlier myself so that I am showered and dressed, his lunch is (almost) packed and his breakfast is started by the time he wakes up. A much better alternative to fighting him into his clothes, shoving a toothbrush into his mouth while he's sitting on the potty, barking at him to hurry and rushing him out the door.