Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, gobble.

Luca is on the fourth day of a fever. I hate these things. He recovers with motrin or tylenol for a bit - but, after three days straight, I am almost more of afraid of giving him too many meds than I am of the fever. We're on the sixth hour of this morning's dose and it's climbing again - but we are going to try to hold off for a bit and let the fever do it's job. In the late afternoon and the middle of the night, it climbs to 104.5 plus. We were all up at 3am this morning - a lukewarm bath, cold drinks and cool compresses. We let him watch an episode of Dragon Tales in the middle of it all - so he and I ate popcorn and watched his show while I plied him with liquids and damp wash cloths in the middle of the night. Hope he doesn't remember that one.

We debated about going to Lori and Ida's today - but we are going to go for it. We've been homebound for the last three days and we all need to get out. We've packed a bag with his sickie accessories - his stuffed jaguar, jammies, a few toys, movies, thermometer, motrin and cold drink concoctions. I don't think this thing is contagious and, once we dose him again, he's fine for quite a long stretch. I hope we are making the right decision.