Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A mid-afternoon nap

For awhile now, Luca has only been taking a nap every other day or so - sometimes even skipping several days in a row. When he does nap - he'll sleep for up to two to three hours if we let him, but then it takes him forever to fall sleep at night. When he doesn't nap, he goes to bed at a very decent hour, but he's often a total nutcase by the time dinner rolls around. He's at an in-between stage that is appropriate for his age - but sometimes what I think is the right thing (to nap or not to nap) on any given day, backfires.

We went to get his haircut today at 3pm.

By three fifteen - he was fast asleep in the chair.


Susan said...

HA! These pix are soooo funny. We are in just about the same place with the napping/no napping. On Fridays Hayden has dance insead of nap at school. She falls asleep in the 2 minute ride from school and then always has a freak out before dinner. On the weekends I'm afraid to put her in the car after 3 because she'll fall asleep and be up until 10. It feels like it will actually be easier when there's no nap at all. In addition, she ONLY naps in the car for us. At school, on a mat, in a room full of people. At home-- only in the car. I know, I know-- it's definately us.

Nicole said...

That is soooo funny!!! I wish Max would fall asleep while getting a haircut instead of freaking out like a crazy child!!!

StephLove said...

Those pictures are precious. Noah went through that damned if you do/damned if you don't stage with naps when he was around 4-4 1/2. It was hard. I'm not looking forward to it with June. She's 2 1/2 and quite committed to her afternoon nap.