Friday, November 21, 2008


I want to give away / throw away / donate / toss everything we own.
Then I want to dust bust.


bleu said...

OH I hope I go through that right around moving and I get rid of a ton!!!

Susanna said...

hi Dana,

here is my pumping regime with full paraphernalia described for you! (in answer to your question):

The containers you see in the picture are the ones used in the NICU. We stocked up before we left. What I’ve found works best though is the Lansinoh bags, BPA free. I put the bags in large plastic cups so they don’t tip over. Then I freeze them still in the cups, and once frozen, transfer to large ziploc bags.

Then! when it’s time to defrost the bag of milk, put it back in the same large plastic cups and fill the cup with hot water. A brilliant system if I do say so myself!