Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday afternoon

Luca woke up devoid of fever, so we decided it was time for a public outing. We had planned on doing some holiday shopping at an arts festival that was going on, but they were rained out.

So - we broke out the umbrellas and Luca's rain gear and took a walk downtown to find some lunch. And some puddles.

I made fun of Lori's umbrella. You would have too.

Luca had fun splashing around and waving to the tourists on passing trolleys.

After a bite to eat at a local seafood place, we walked over to our favorite coffee shop.

It's a cool old building that started out as a silversmith's shop, and dates back to the 1700's.

Ida proved her love for Luca by letting him lick the fresh whipped cream off of her Americano.

It was a nice mid-day respite. Otherwise - it's been tantrum central today. He's testing us A LOT lately. Pushing limits, acting out and being much more difficult than usual. It has me worried, but a part of me knows that it's just his was of dealing with a baby on the way. I know we'll all get over this hump, but it leaves us emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of the day. Now that he's feeling better, I plan on getting us outside a lot this week. Fresh air, vitamin D and exercise will do us both some good.