Monday, November 17, 2008


This morning started out with some sticker fun. I set out paper, crayons and stickers for an early morning art project. 

But - instead of decorating his paper, Luca decided to decorate himself. 

Then it was time for the Slowest. Eater. Ever. to consume his breakfast....

After few grapes, a half of a piece of toast and about seventeen hours, we met up with Marisol and Elli at the park. 

It was a beautiful fall day - perfect for the park. After playing and snacking, we all took the short walk to the library. After potty breaks, coloring pages, and the book and video choices for the week - it was time to go. The whole morning had gone pretty smoothly up until this point. Then - as I was checking out with our books, Luca decided to show off for his friends and make a run for it. Out the door, into the sunshine - he made a beeline for the park gates. He just took off. I dropped whatever was in my hands, with no word to the librarian who was checking me out, and ran after him. I did my best to, anyway. The kid can run. And - being eight months pregnant - running is not one of my strong points. As I ran/lumbered after him, I called for him to stop - but to no avail. The more I ran, the more it felt like my uterus was about to fall out of my vagina. Finally - not being able to catch him - I yelled. Really loud. I think I startled him because he stopped in his tracks. I broke out the Alpha Voice and demanded that he come back to me. Thankfully, he did. We finished up in the library, ran a quick errand and, when we got home, he served his sentence - a pretty lengthy timeout (while I got his lunch ready). I was angry and he knew it. Nothing scares me more than the image of him darting away, into the street - or just losing track of him in general. After lunch, we both napped and the late afternoon was much better. I think he knew he had used up all of his "get out of jail free" cards for the day.


Susanna said...

oh that is quite a story, and a well-told one at that. I wonder if he was testing to see if you would go physically out of your way for him, as you are with the baby.