Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day

We woke up and whipped up a couple of pies. Pumpkin. And, the usual, chocolate tofu.

We also made a sweet potato/pecan/brown sugar/maple syrup casserole. Big on calories AND yumminess.

Jr. still had a fever, but it was getting lower and staying that way for longer periods. We dosed him with Motrin just as we left for dinner at Lori and Ida's.

Dinner was just coming out of the oven when we arrived.

It was "serve yourself" this year.

And, the weather was nice enough to eat outside.

Debbie ate her annual bite of turkey. She's been a vegetarian for the past eight years or so - but has one bite of turkey every Thanksgiving. Always a momentous event.

After dinner, there were various attempts at digesting...

...including a tickle-fest with Lori's brother Mike and his kids...

...followed by mass zoning out, in front of the television.

I swear, if they had asked - Luca would have gone home with Mike and his family.

He started getting warm towards the end of the evening, which was our signal to head home. His fever flared that night, but he was happy that we went. So were we.