Thursday, December 04, 2008


Primo is at school and the carpet cleaners are here. Both of these things make me very happy. Nothing can be clean enough these days. Poor Debbie has been putting up with my need to move the biggest things and clean the smallest things in a VERY SPECIFIC WAY. Debbie - I'd like to publicly apologize to you, honey. I love and appreciate you and I am sorry for the things I have done AND the things I have yet to do, And, please - don't leave me before our baby arrives.

As I type, there are men vacuuming my carpets and preparing them for a deep steam clean. I love these men. And, if they read this blog, I would tell them that right here. Since they don't, I am just going to pay them four hundred and seventeen dollars. And it's worth every penny. These rugs are driving me crazy. I can see and smell what others can't. I am pretty sure I can even hear the dog hair and and the dirt and the dust mites. It's shedding season and Blaise is losing fur by the second. In clumps. Like tumbleweeds. If I could choose what kind of super hero to be, I am not exactly sure what special powers I would have - but at least one of them would be the ability to transform my hands and arms into really powerful dust busters.