Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Sunday

Pancakes, of the buckwheat variety...

...prepared on the new griddle - Debbie's Christmas gift from her Secret Santa (a.k.a - my mother).

While it's technically not Christmas yet, we felt the need to test it's griddle-ing properties.

After breakfast, Luca donned his new dinosaur work gloves and convinced Debbie to break out her tools. I think some sort of lesson ensued.

Then, they both left me alone to NEST IN PEACE. I started with the dining room chaos.

While I obsessed over small details at home, Debbie and Luca went off to visit Santa. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. Taking it well, Luca tried out St. Nick's chair...

...and then tampered with his mail.

After that, they strolled around the Elf Village.

Having seen all there was to see, but not yet wanting to go home - Luca took a little nature break.

The Day of Rest ended with Chinese take-out and an early bedtime for all.


bleu said...

What a nice day all around.

StephLove said...

Looks like a fun day. Luca's so cute in those pants and pjs. I love kids in stripes.