Monday, December 22, 2008


I just remembered - that was what her name was going to be when and if we found out she was a girl. I had completely forgotten that sometime in the last four months - until just now.


StephLove said...

Luca & Lila. That would have been cute. But I'm sure your boy name is great, too.

We picked the names Noah and June years before I was got pg with Noah. We never considered any other names while I was pg with him.

When we found out June was a girl we hadn't settled on a boy name yet. We were going back and forth between Joshua, William & Ian. Nothing seemed quite right. I guess this was our sign we were having a girl.

Susanna said...

Lila is a beautiful name. I'll have to read through your archives soon to learn her story. I am so sorry you lost her.

Looks like you just might have a Christmas baby!