Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sing-along night at school

There was a holiday Family Sing-along at Luca's school last night.

Jean made elf hats for all of the kids.

Maya's dad led us in song.

Micah's dad strummed along.

The kids performed some sort of unruly circle dance.

Dave read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Jan Brett's illustrated version).

And Baby Sophia slept through most of it.


StephLove said...

Noah's school had a holiday sing yesterday afternoon... at 2 p.m. right smack in the middle of June's nap time. I considered going anyway, but I thought waking her from her nap and taking her out into a cold rain was a little much, so we skipped it. I wished I could have gone, though. It was cute last year.

We did go to June's school's Solstice parade last night. The kids had lanterns with real fire! No-one caught him or herself on fire so I guess it was a success.