Thursday, December 18, 2008


Still waiting for Segundo. I had dreamt that he would arrive on the 15th, but that date has obviously come and gone. The newest prediction is Saturday. Although, I am not sure which one. This information came from a two-year old at the park the other day, when her mother and I asked her when the baby would be born. Considering I am convinced that this baby will be a Sagittarius (as predicted by a psychic long ago) I am placing bets on this coming Saturday the 20th. In the meantime, we are in a race against time to get the holiday wrapping done, packages mailed and the baby's room in some semblance of functional order. Otherwise - the birthing supplies are packed and ready to go, Primo's bag of fun is ready for potential hours in waiting, Junior II's clothes are washed (and will eventually find their way into drawers) and we are ready to welcome him whenever he chooses to arrive. Been thinking about his twin a lot lately and how all of that will go. But, again - what will be, will be.