Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This past Sunday...

We went to an annual pottery sale put on by two local potters. It's not just a sale, really - it's an event. Complete with live music, a bonfire and an amazing array of beautifully prepared foods to snack on while you mingle and browse. Its something we looked forward to every year when we lived here before and - this time around - it's better than ever.

Since most of our holiday shopping is done, we chose pieces for ourselves - mostly bowls and mugs for everyday use. Luca was happy to help.

Then he performed some sort of ritual over them.

After a dispute about god knows what, he had a mini-tantrum.

But someone handed him a cookie...

...and all became right in his world.


StephLove said...

Whoa, let's back up to the "most of our holiday shopping is done" part. Can you do mine? I've hardly bought anything. It's on the docket for this weekend, though.

I guess it makes good sense to finish early when you could have a baby at any moment, though. Congrat.s!