Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Went to the park this morning. I hate to admit it - but I was COLD. It doesn't help that I am still wearing flip-flops. It also doesn't help that it's eighty degrees one day and fifty-four the next. It was good to get out in the fresh air, though - because I stayed inside most of the weekend, expecting this baby to make an appearance.

After the park, we had a quick lunch and went to our last OT appointment of the year. Then the bank and a very looonnngg drive home. What should have taken about ten minutes took over thirty. All of the inept Florida drivers getting their last minute shopping done on US1. Luca and I were both jumping out of our skin in frustration - but, luckily, we bonded over our traffic angst instead of further irritating each other.

Debbie took off today just in case. But - we left her on her own for most of the day. After we finally made it home, we went right in to nap and she had some much-deserved alone time until about five o'clock. She surprised us with a delicious meal that she was preparing when we woke up. So good, in fact, that Luca didn't even need to be convinced to eats his greens.

Tonight saw present-wrapping and Christmas cookie eating (c/o my mother, my sister and the United States Postal Service). Now, we are off to bed and - for me anyway - continuing THE WAIT.


Susan said...

Merry Christmas to you Dana! That Luca is soooo cute- can you even stand it? Soon you will be completely covered in cuteness! Happy, Happy!

Barbara said...

The tree looks great! I'm sure you both are happy to be spending the Holidays home and not traveling. Luca has certainly become the "Big Boy" since I last saw him, back last summer at your place in NJ

"Merry Christmas"
Love, Barb