Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

This tag is running rampant on Facebook right now. And, I was also recently tagged by my friend Ama out here is blogosphere. I am not going to tag anyone in particular - but, if you read this and feel so inclined, please do one, too. I would love to read some random facts about you.

My 25 things
As a kid, I was kicked out of ballet, was cut from the softball team, didn’t make the grade school cheerleading squad and quit Blue Birds and tennis - but, as an adult, I consider myself a very strong team player.

I took guitar lessons. Twice.

I quit guitar the first time because I didn’t like the teacher. I quit the second time because I liked the teacher too much.

I traveled along the East African coast in 1990, as a Junior in college.

While in Kenya - Namibia gained independence and Nelson Mandela was freed. It was pretty amazing to be in Africa during that time.

I was mugged in Nairobi and - out of all the things they stole off of my person that night - I was most bummed about losing my last packs of Camels Lights and Big Red Gum.

I smoked for over ten years.

I quit smoking at the age of twenty-six.

I am allergic to horses. And cats. And Penicillin.

Before I had a dog, I was a dog person who owned only cats. What was I thinking?

I used to hate the beach. Now I love it.

I love documentaries.

I am fascinated by polygamy.

My sister is my best friend. Even though she still likes New Kids on the Block.

My favorite, all time musician is Paul Simon.

I will always have a place in my heart for Billy Joel - pre Christie Brinkley.

Traveling is a true passion of mine, but feel I haven’t done nearly enough of it since kids and I want to change that.

I traveled to Siberia with my friend Deb Brush when she adopted her beautiful daughter Annie. Through a series of chaotic events and mountains of red tape, we were stuck in Russia for twenty-eight days. It was one of the best adventure-filled months of my life.

I was held up at gunpoint in Philadelphia - in the parking lot of the North Star Bar - where I waited tables for several years. They didn’t get anything, as it was pre-shift.

I delivered Luca a week early, after 23 hours of labor and I delivered Matteo a week and a half late, after two hours and four minutes of labor.

Both births were natural / non-medicated.

I used to collect the original Fisher Price Little People.

My three and a half year old son now plays with my collection of vintage Fisher Price Little People.

I broke my collarbone jumping off of the sofa at the age of two and it took my parents two days to figure it out. Nice.

I am a major night owl.


ama said...

Thank you for obliging, my friend!
i miss you, too. i think i'll have some special treats tonight, if you'd like an early evening visitor? could help with bathtime and stuff (before 8 p.m. mtg) hmmm? love those pics of the brothers! you made some cute kiddos! good on you, dane!