Thursday, January 08, 2009

The update

So - lots has happened this week. Too much to even begin to fully explain right now, although highlights include - multiple scares because of the ever-conservative high risk docs, unexpected twin delivery and - later in the week - false labor (including a trip to the birthing center and back). We are at the point where they are going to medically induce on Saturday if this baby doesn't get here before then. We spent all morning at appointments and most of the afternoon either waiting to talk to or on the phone with the midwives and the back-up doc's office. Everyone came to the decision that we would try castor oil tonight (mixed into a milkshake), breaking my water tomorrow (if the castor oil doesn't do the trick) and - a medical induction tomorrow evening if breaking my water doesn't work. I am forty-one weeks, 4-5 centimeters dilated and Group B Strep positive. That along with the fact that I delivered the 20 week twin earlier in the week, makes them (and us, admittedly) uneasy about infection. I've had no symptoms of infection and the baby passed two non-stress tests and two high-risk ultrasounds with flying colors - so everyone agreed to another day to get this going outside of the hospital.

We are really tired - but happy to know that we will finally meet him within the next twenty-four hours or so.


bleu said...

So wait, you had contractions and delivered the twin and then everything stopped and you are back to only 5-6???????

How did that happen????????

WOW what a week. Hopefully the induction techniques will work. I have done the castor oil milkshake and all I can say is YUCK ICK UGH EWW!!!


dana said...

She descended while I was 3-4. She was a bit over a pound, so I was able to deliver her. Last check (Tuesday night) I was 4-5.

Did the castor oil work for you??

bleu said...

UGH I got prodromol labor from it is all sadly, but I never ever dilated even to 1 so you are way ahead of the game.

I am so sorry for the week it must be both physically and emotionally.

Susanna said...

Oh wow. You delivered the twin already-- that is huge. I am guessing that you'll share details if/when you feel ready. As you know, I'm not much of an expert with "normal" childbirth so I can't think of any words of wisdom. But I'm thinking about you and hoping everything goes well. Do you read the Flotsam blog?
Alexa had a very similar situation with twins. She's a great writer. Something to read when you're up for it.
Here's a virtual hug to you.

StephLove said...

Oh my goodness, what a week you've had.

I hope you deliver soon!

Susanna said...

waiting with bated breath over here in Seattle....