Saturday, April 04, 2009

Eggs-tra special project

Earlier this week we decorated egg candles with shapes that we made from sheets of beeswax.

We had both beeswax and regular candles and - after pressing or cutting shapes out of the thin beeswax sheets - we pressed them onto the candles.

We found everything for this project at Nova Natural online.

This was Luca's first time working with beeswax and it took him awhile to remember that he had to warm the wax pieces in his hands in order to get them to stick to the candles.

Debbie and I got into the project, as well and - before we knew it - we had created Easter/Spring eggs for each one of Luca's classmates.


Nicole said...

I LOVE these!!!! So cute!!

StephLove said...

You are so crafty. What beautiful eggs!