Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter Sunday. The morning got off to a very good start with our indoor egg hunt. Luca enjoyed the hunt and was pleased with the basket of goodies that the Easter Bunny left for him. And we were pleased with the fact that he was more interested in the loose change and the crappy little toys that he found in his eggs instead of the candy we felt compelled to give him this year.

Grace and her family and Marisol and Elli's family joined us mid-morning for brunch and an outdoor egg hunt. Because I wanted to be sure to keep everything even for all of them - I purchased four of each little item to fill the eggs. We labeled each egg with the first initial of the intended recipient's name and the kids worked as a team to make sure everyone received their own eggs. For the most part.

They did really well, though - and had a fun time doing it. (Despite Elli's missing egg which we still haven't located).


StephLove said...

Looks like a fun egg hunt.

Noah hid the eggs this year. He made a map, cut it into pieces and hid those as well. The boy likes to make things complicated.