Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter...

Debbie took Luca to an Easter Egg Hunt this morning. He loved it, of course.

The visit started with some lap time with the Big Bunny.

Luca took the opportunity to give the Easter Bunny the letter that he wrote with his Pop-Pop's help a few weeks ago. There are a few requests in there, apparently. Since when did the Easter Bunny near Santa status?

Next up - The Hunt...

Not as much of a hunt as it was a "who can grab the most eggs in the shortest amount of time" sort of frenzy.

The loot: stickers, tattoos and candy (most of which is hard candy and, therefore, prohibited in this house). We did cave and let him have some Pez and some chocolate, though.

The morning ended with a train ride and some bouncy-house action.

He came home a very happy boy.


Nicole said...

He is so cute!! Looks like he had so much fun!! I used Luca's Easter Bunny pic to help inspire Max to sit on his lap today:)