Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rain Day Map Making with the Directionally-Impaired

We had a "pajama day" yesterday - due to the pouring rain. We read books, did a few puzzles, finger-painted and watched a movie. We even got all crazy and ate popcorn before lunch. We also drove to the Starbucks drive-thru so the baby would fall asleep and I could get my iced coffee fix. This is usually a relaxing kind of break for me, even with two kids in the car - but yesterday's drive turned out to be less than that - due to the fact that Luca had to pee before we were anywhere near home. I had to pull into a (closed) bank parking lot and let him drop trough in public. Even though I attempted to shield the obvious from public view by positioning him between the front and back open doors on the passenger's side, I am pretty sure the bank employee's saw us as they left the building for the day.

Anyway - since reading Me On The Map, Luca's been tossing the map idea around in his head. So, while finger-painting yesterday - he decided he was going to make a "Map of Friends". He proceeded to draw his version of our city and assigned several of his friends different locations on the paper as he painted. Having no sense of direction at all in real life, let alone in the Land of Make Believe - I kept forgetting who lived where on his map. The fact that my mind was beginning to numb, because we had been stuck inside most of the day, didn't help either. He kept correcting me and seemed totally annoyed by his directionless mother.

Still - it was fun to watch him map out his version of his own little world and to see the sense of accomplishment he felt when his map was complete.


Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

That is a piece of art fit for framing! I have no sense of direction either. I can't go anywhere without getting lost!

paintandink said...

It's beautiful.