Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Once Again

Once again I feel like its been too long since the last post. It's been a busy summer so far. School ended, the Bursteins came to visit, we went to Sanibel Island for a week's getaway, Jean and Annika came to visit, we went away again - and we've had lots of adventures here on the home front in between all of the visiting. And there are more visits and more adventures to come before summer's end.

Matteo hit the six month mark on July 9th. I can't believe he's been here for that long already. Luca continues to be (mostly) gentle with his brother and always loving. And - now that Matteo is sitting up and playing on his own, we've reached that miraculous milestone where we can leave them both to do their thing together while we get some chores done, get in some quick computer time or take an extended potty break. Matteo LOVES his brother beyond compare and loves playing alongside him. His whole face lights up when Luca enters the room. Even just the sound of his Luca's voice excites him and he'll completely contort his body to catch a glimpse of his big brother.

As I type, I have just (finally) gotten Matteo down to nap. Luca is in a morning camp this week and next - so Matteo and I are free to run errands, visit with Lori at her bagel shop or hang out at home on our own for a few hours. I've been trying to use some of the time to get Matteo used to napping in his crib. He's still in the co-sleeper at night, but the plan is to get him into his own room this weekend. We had a very hard time doing that with Luca (read: we never did and he wound up in our bed until he turned three) but we are relatively motivated to get Segundo into his own room. My father bought us a baby audio/video monitor when I was pregnant - and one of Debbie's chores this weekend is to break it out and set it up. Matteo is a pretty good sleeper once he's down for the night - getting up usually only once in the dark of night and then once in the early morning before going back to sleep for another hour or two. He also, unlike Luca, seems to sleep better on his own as opposed to next to a warm body. So - we're hopeful that the crib thing will work out. Honestly, I think we'll have a harder time adjusting to it than he will. It feels like his room is SO far away from us. And, I also worry about the boys waking each other because their rooms are right next to each other, separated only by a thin wall. I'm sure, though, we'll all get used to it in time. I just wish we could get there without all of the worry and the work.


s said...

best of luck with moving m into his crib... it was heartbreaking (at first) for us, but our boy has been sleeping through the night since we moved him to his own room :-) the video monitor will certainly help with the transition (for his mommies, of course)it's nice getting a full night's sleep ;-)

StephLove said...

Good luck sleeping apart. June's still in our bed half the night but we're about to try getting her to sleep all night in her own bed.