Monday, September 07, 2009


A few weeks before school started, as talks of being back in the classroom began, something clicked for Luca.

Usually, I'm a major nag when it comes to cleaning up a project/game/toy situation before pulling out another. For a long time, my "requests" have been met with eye-rolls or feigned exhaustion/injury/inability until I threaten him with dire consequences or wind up doing it myself. Suddenly, though - as he would in Ms. Jeannie's classroom at the small Montessori school he attends three days a week - he's begun to take more care in what he does and how he does it - including clean-up. He's also more interested in doing school-like "work" - completely on his own.

And, he's asking to do more of the workbooks and activity sheets that we have all over the house, but rarely crack open. Of course - much of his time is still spent building sofa forts, playing with eighty-seven things at one time, ransacking his brother's room and - overall - acting his age. But - I'm enjoying these new moments and look forward to quietly encouraging more of them.