Friday, May 28, 2010

Ebony and Ivory

Matteo got his mitts on an actual piano for the first time ever, tonight. 

He was intrigued when he figured out that it made really cool sounds when you tapped (or pounded) it's keys. SOOO much better than the piano in his room

He was thrilled when Jean put him on her lap and played. 

A duet ensued. 

He LOVED every minute of it.

And, while Debbie lovingly looked on, she attempted to silently calculate the cost of several years of piano lessons.


Anonymous said...

He sat on my lap first! And she was not calculating costs!

- Your only reader.

dana said...

Dearest Only Reader - there is no photograph of the events that you describe, and- without documentation - it can be argued that it didn't really happen. Now, if you wrote about said events in your diary last night, you might have a leg to stand on... Which reminds me, please take a look at the first pic again. It looks like Matteo is missing something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Debbie is calculating whether her new car allowance will cover the piano lessons...

Does scratching your elbow with the opposite hand count as "crossing over?"

How did you manage to turn to the only page in the book I handed you last night about ho-mo-sexuals? Is this a gift you should list in your "About Me" section?