Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Long Weekend Ahead...

We don't have any major plans for the long weekend. Debbie took tomorrow (Friday) off, so that we can all (hopefully) enjoy a four-day weekend together. Nothing major on the agenda - but we'll be spending time with friends, spending time together and, pretty much, just hanging around.

I do plan on making pesto this weekend, with basil from the garden. I'm also going to make homemade hummus which, for some reason, I've been too lazy to whip up in recent months - despite the fact that it's really easy. Another thing I'd like to do is finish my very funny book-group book - Lamb, by Christopher Moore - and maybe start on another that lay in wait.

Debbie wants to get a few runs in during the four-day respite. She's just decided that she's doing the Tupelo Marathon in September, and she's begun training with a friend - using the Galloway Method.

Luca's plans include painting the recycled cardboard rocket ship my mom got him for his birthday.

He's also called for a Family Movie Night, complete with as much popcorn as he desires. 

Matteo plans on taking early afternoon naps, eating non-food objects just to see us freak out, laughing hysterically at his brother's antics and - in general - going with the flow, as he is apt to do. 

Hopefully the weekend won't whiz by, we'll all get to do something for ourselves and we'll all have a good time - together. 


StephLove said...


We almost went up to my mom's then decided we really needed a quiet weekend at home, so that's what we're doing.

Melissa said...

The necklaces and bracelets on these beautiful boys just kill me. And what good taste they have on their playmates too. I'm hoping for a winter play this year.