Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As they were sleeping...

Debbie's away on a business trip, so "night duty" was mine tonight, and mine alone. It took me forever to get both of them down, despite the fact that they each had a swimming lesson this evening - which should have totally worn them out.

After spending what seemed like hours wrestling Matteo to sleep and after going in to rub Luca's back about nine-hundred and seventy-two times, they finally both transitioned into dream land. 

Deb and I spend so much time negotiating with them (and tag-teaming with each other) at bed time, we immediately shift into "me" mode when they're finally asleep - grasping onto the short amount of time we are, at long last, able to hear our own thoughts and complete an actual sentence. The shift is so drastic, in fact, that we rarely take the time to enjoy our sleeping children. But, tonight - as I sat on my comfy red chair - and I noticed how loud the "quiet" was, I decided to take a peek.

Watching them sleep lowered my heart rate. I was able to really look at them and - I think - fully appreciate them. And, although I wouldn't say enjoying the moments where they were not screaming like lunatics or bouncing off of the walls made me love them more - it just made me realize how much I really, really love them... already. 


Emily said...

were you trying to make me cry? because you did.

Sally said...

So so so so sweet. Also fun to see the bouncing baby boy quilt! Almost forgot about that one!