Thursday, July 01, 2010

Brief Update

The kids and I are just back from a two-week jaunt to Philadelphia while Debbie was in South Korea on a business trip. We gad a great time seeing lots of family and friends, but we're glad to be home and all back together again.

I have pics to upload and updates to share - but, the most pressing thing for us right now is to find a new place to live by August 1st. The lease is up on the current rental home we're in and it's proving much harder to find a new home than we imagined it would. There are a few possibilities out there - and one that we are really, really wanting. Hoping this is all settled and done with by next week so we can get to the business of packing and purging and gradually moving into our new diggs.

In the meantime - we're play dating, gardening, bug collecting, water ice-eating and hanging out.

Luca is in "camp" this week - and next - at the Montessori school he attends. I also just signed him up for a week of soccer camp for the second week of August. His first organized sport! If he likes it, we'll enroll him for the coming school year.

Matteo is almost eighteen months old. Hard to believe. As my mother would say, he's being a real "pip" right now. Usually jolly and compliant - he's suddenly turned into a shrieking, food-throwing, cookie-demanding naysayer. I'm hoping the phase passes quickly...