Friday, January 23, 2009

Building Zone

Luca loves to build. Anything. From towers of blocks to buildings of toilet paper and soaps - if they are stackable, they are fair game. Things that line-up in an organized fashion are also fair game. He's anal like that.

We have a bunch of different blocks and building sets in different rooms around the house. He ignores some of them much of the time - but, every once in awhile, he'll get an itch to use a certain set and he will play with it for days and days on end.

The baby has now inherited some of Luca's old sets. Not that the he will be playing with them anytime soon, but I have put a few things around Matteo's room for when he's ready. Lately, I will find Luca in there, playing with those baby blocks - stacking them into small towers - playing with things he hasn't seen in over a year or more and may not even remember as his own.

He's been playing with his Duplos A LOT lately. When my sister was here, she took him to the store to buy a second add-on set because he seemed to be falling short of bricks as his creations became more elaborate. Most recently, he's been building things that include parking spaces and front porches, bedrooms and swimming pools. He is also suddenly into rocket ships and we've seen our fair share of those in the last few weeks.

With some post-baby behavior issues cropping up around here, it's nice to see Luca fall into the Building Zone - a few moments (or many more) where he is peaceful, happy, creative and proud of his work.


Susanna said...

Oh, I love it!

Nicole said...

I love him and his creations:)

StephLove said...

There must be something about 2 & 3 year olds. At June's music class during the free instrument play half the kids are lining the instruments up instead of playing with them. She does it, too.