Friday, January 23, 2009


My dad left today. Lots of errands were completed while he was here. I think we sent him to the store about fifty-seven times in the four days he visited. He left us with a full fridge, stamps for the duration and enough baby supplies to last the winter. Now there's really no reason to leave the house. Just kidding. In fact, I am hoping for a decent day this weekend to take my first walk downtown. Luca took ten dollars out of his piggy bank for a promised trip to the nearby toy store, which is conveniently located just across the way from my favorite little coffee shop. Let there be sun.


Susanna said...

hmmmm.... don't know how much weather-related sympathy you're going to get from me here in Seattle. :)

have i said yet how beautiful Matteo is?

Nicole said...

Matteo is so alert in those pics with Daddy!! I miss him and Luca sooo bad. I need to sniff that baby!!