Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Jaunt

After two whole weeks of only going to the doc's or other baby and post-pregnancy related appointments, I took a leap back into reality today. We had promised Luca that he could use some of his piggy bank money to buy himself something at the local toy shop, so we (along with my visiting mother) all took an afternoon jaunt downtown.

Luca hopped on his Skuut, we popped Matteo into the pouch (where he fell asleep immediately) and we were on our way.

Even though we were only going out for a bit, I forced Debbie to don the diaper bag. What with being a shut-in for the last two weeks and all, I guess I forgot that supplies and reinforcements are not necessarily needed for a short pleasure walk.

Luca practiced bicycle balance and stopped to enjoy the sites along the way.

We finally made it to the toy shop where Luca perused a vast array of knights in shining armor - his latest interest.

He had only taken ten dollars out of his piggy bank - so we actually wound up spotting him an extra four plus change. He was still psyched to hand over his own money to the guy behind the counter.

He was very happy with his purchase.

After the toy shop, we went to our favorite coffee spot. As usual, Luca convinced Debbie to allow him to skim most of the foam from her coffee.

Meanwhile, Matteo continued to sleep in the security of the sling.

The walk, fresh air and sunshine did all of us some good. It was a very nice day.


StephLove said...

Looks like a fun outing. Matteo looks snug in there. I remember how daunting it seems to leave the house with a newborn, but that phase doesn't last as long with the second as with the first.