Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scattered Update

I didn't realize how much time had passed until I signed in to Blogger. Lots has happened in the last ELEVEN days. For one - Debbie has been gone for the past four - rendering blogging impossible. Before that - who knows. Anyway - we've been pretty busy and actually have some pics to show for it. Lucky for me - my good friend Jennifer visited for a few days and not only helped me in Debbie's absence, she also flaunted her Canon Rebel and took some great shots of the kids and of our adventures during her time here. So - as soon as I can - Mardi Gras, special projects, pirate walks, farmer's market fun, playground jaunts and baby faces - all coming soon.

Meanwhile - the (amazing and fabulous) doula is arriving any moment now for her last visit. She's come to help about once a week since Matteo arrived and has been a total and absolute life saver. It will be sad to say goodbye to her AND the naps she allows me and the dinners she provides - but I am eager to graduate into the world "two - by myself". Part one of my graduation came yesterday at my six week midwife appointment. It was so strange knowing it was my last visit (for awhile, anyway) - after going once a week for so long and sitting and chatting and planning and crying to anticipating for so many months with those wonderful, caring women. I never thought I'd say this - but I am actually looking forward to my summer pap smear - just to visit with all of them again.

I can't wait until Debbie returns this afternoon and - with her - another good friend who will visit for the weekend. March holds lots of visiting, too - this being Florida and all. So much to look forward to...