Friday, February 13, 2009

Twelve days later...

It's been almost two weeks since the last post. I think the timing correlates with the end of visiting help here at Casa de New Baby. Sleep deprivation is kicking our ass and, by the time we get Luca into bed and clean up the wreckage of the day - it's time for us to run into the bedroom and start the long and laborious process of getting this baby to sleep. Matteo's been sleeping - oh - about twenty-two minute intervals at night.

But still, he's cute. This is his first big smile - taken yesterday, one day shy of five weeks.

Anyway - I plan on catching up on the blog this weekend. Not sure about the sleep.

More pics and updates to come...


StephLove said...

I remember how it is when the helpers leave. I'm sorry about the sleeping situation, too. That sounds really rough.

I've gone longer posting than you have and we don't even have a new baby. Beth' been too busy to work on her inauguration guest post and I decided to hold my new ones until she finished so things wouldn't be out of order but I'm getting kind of antsy about it.